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  • Automotive OEMs, Tiers & Auto Aftermarket – Elastomer seals & parts for fuel systems emission controls, air management systems, brake systems, safety devices, electrical connectors, climate control, etc. (ORVR seals, EGR diaphragms, rollover valves, pump cups, air bag seals, air valves, thermostat components, needles, canister purge solenoids, etc.)
  • Aerospace – Seals for fuel systems and emergency devices (solenoids, pumps, flow valves, flapper valves, duckbills, etc.)
  • Appliance – Parts and seals for flow control systems, static seals (flow control washers, control valves, duckbills, poppets, etc.)
  • Chemical – Chemical slurry and refinery sealing applications (o-rings, pump seals, gaskets, etc.)
  • Electronics – Electrical control systems (wire harnesses, wire-end seals, fiber optic connector balls, etc.)
  • Food & Beverages – Seals for liquid dispensing equipment (banjo valves, filter seals, flow control seals, etc.)
  • Hydrometer Indicators – Specific gravity balls.
  • Marine & Small Engine – Fuel system seals and parts (needles, seats, armatures, o-rings. etc
  • Medical – Equipment seals and valves (blood gas analyzer seals, oxygen concentrator seals, etc.)
  • General Industrial – Seals for pumps, HVAC, natural gas and dampening/shock absorption applications (diaphragms, check valves, balls, pump seals, sheets, specialty seals, etc.)


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